Heating, ventilation and air conditioning control

A comfortable working environment has become an integral part of modern office. Warmth is one of the key indicators of comfort. The temperature in the office, depending on its purpose, must be neither too high nor too low; and the northern side of the building must be as warm as the southern side.

Comfort in the office also depends on humidity, CO2 content, heating from the sun, etc. By smartly controlling ventilation, air conditioning and blinds, the “Smart Office” system helps to solve all these problems.

Due to the possibility of temperature control, timely ventilation and conditioning of the premise, “Smart Office” has already become synonymous with a comfortable office. 

  • The temperature of each space of your office will be regulated separately - there will be no room which is always cold or always hot.
  • In the office, you will be able to choose rooms in which a higher or lower temperature is to be maintained.
  • You will be able to choose from a comfortable, economical and night mode, to set up or programme the modes so that they switch according to the time.
  • Operation of the heating system will adjust to the rhythm of your office work – thus, you will be able to save heating costs.
  • Operation of the heating system can be adjusted by means of thermostats or other control devices inside the building and a mobile phone, computer or pad (eg. when you are not in the office).
  • If any problems emerge in the heating system, the “Smart Office” shall promptly notify you and the company that installed the heating system.
  • Heat meters connected to the “Smart Office” system will provide detailed information about your expenditure.
  • CO2 and humidity sensors installed in the office will constantly control the ventilation system in accordance with the fixed norms of indices.
  • To ensure the desired temperature in the office premises, air conditioners will be automatically turned on.
  • Universal thermostats of the “Smart Office” system will control heating and air conditioning systems – less control elements will be necessary in the office.
  • The “Smart Office” system ensures that heating and cooling functions in your office are not duplicated.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems will operate in a comfort mode, only when a staff is in the office. If the premises are empty, these systems will be turned off or will operate in an economic mode.
  • Operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems is programmed agreeably to time or calendar.

The “Smart Office” system can save up to 50 percent of office heating and up to 40 percent of office ventilation and air conditioning costs.

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