Accounting system

“Saving starts with knowledge” – it is the principle that guides us in offering you the “Smart Office” accounting system, because its main advantage, in addition to comfort, security and adaptability to your needs, is the economy.

To save on utility costs, you must first know how many resources are consumed.

The “Smart Office” system carries out accurate accounting of your office’s utilities (power, cold and hot water, gas, etc. consumption):

  • automatically retrieved data from all meters in the office – this allows you to see when, how and what was consumed;
  • the data are retrieved and analyzed in real time;
  • utility bills are automatically generated;
  • an opportunity to plan resource consumption - to set the maximum limits of power, water, gas consumption. If the limit is exceeded, the “Smart Office” system shall notify you promptly;
  • the “Smart Office” accounting system carries out security function as well, for example, if water consumption exceeds the set limits, it can be suspected that there is a failure of the water supply system; and if it is detected that some device does not use any electricity, failure of the device can be suspected.

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