28 April 2015 y., Tuesday

RESTA 2015: cost-efficient and practical growing cities

Robertas Ragauskas, Head of Commercial Department of Penkių Kontinentų Komunikacijų Centras, and his deputy Romas Šaltis

On April 22–25, this year, Vilnius hosted the 22nd international construction and repair exhibition RESTA 2015 that annually brings together professionals and amateurs in the construction industry, and attracts much attention of the media and general public. 545 participants from 13 European countries introduced their products and services in the Lithuanian Litexpo Exhibition and Congress Centre with an area of 33 thousand square meters.  

Growing cities and smart house technology were the highlight of this year’s exhibition. Their benefits and possibilities were discussed by specialists of a group of companies Penki Kontinentai who introduced and demonstrated smart house management system Smart House and a smart solution Bill Manager.iQ.

According to Robertas Ragauskas, Head of the Commercial Department of Penkių Kontinentų Komunikacijų Centras, smart house management systems are becoming increasingly popular and more accessible. “Our company regularly participates in various construction exhibitions, thus we have noticed that smart houses are no longer big news to regular people. Owners of both private and public buildings look for up-to-date solutions ensuring exceptional comfort and safety. Modern smart house technology offers that”, explained R. Ragauskas.

Visitors of the exhibition took greatest interest in cost-saving possibilities offered by smart solutions. Owner of a smart house can manage heating, ventilation, lighting, blinds, household appliances, house security systems, and save costs, because natural sunlight can be used in the rooms without any need to turn on electric lamps and heating, when it is warm outside; on extremely hot days, you can close the blinds, etc.

Cost-saving life in a city was also highlighted by organizers of this year’s exhibition. “When choosing growing cities as a topic of this year’s exhibition, we wanted to promote partnership between city governments and businesses as a precondition for sustainable urban development: from municipal investment in the planning of places of residence and development management to the economical use of energy resources, reasonable and responsible city planning”, said Indrė Reimorienė, RESTA Project Manager.  

R. Ragauskas says that rational use of utilities is also facilitated by Bill Manager.iQ, automated management system of joint payment center presented by the company. “Having installed this system, owners of buildings can conveniently and rationally manage utility bills. The solution automatically reads meter readings, generates bills, allows setting up a limit of resources consumed and receive the desired reports”, said the representative of Penkių Kontinentų Komunikacijų Centras.

RESTA 2015 reminded once again that growing cities are an inherent part of comfort, safety, environmental friendliness and the latest technology.

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